Interior FAQ

Setting up the interior: Interior painting is mostly about color and we want you to love your new paint job. We also know the decorating experience is what will make or break the final product. The steps below explain the basic interior process.

  • Furniture or smaller items are removed. Large furniture pieces and remaining items are covered.

  • Floors are covered with specific flooring protection or painter's drop cloths based on product and scope.

  • Hardware e.g. doorknobs and outlet covers, are removed or masked off.

  • Flaking paint is scraped and sanded. Holes, dents, and cracks are patched with spackle.

  • Cracks in corners, baseboard, and moldings are caulked.

  • Repaired areas are sanded smooth and primed.


  • Quality paint is applied carefully. We always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Many big box, easy to apply coatings are low in solids and high in glycol. Glycol helps in application, but does little to provide a quality film to protect the coating.

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Our Painters can paint because we have talented painters who paint for a living. 

Painters like ours beat other painters at painting paint-able things. 

We paint possible, because we are painters. 

If you hire our painters the painters you get will be the pest painters in the painting industry.

Our painters are all employees and these painters have living wages and take pride in their jobs as painters.